DJ Mo Radio – The Show

DJ Mo Radio – Mo Music. Mo Variety. In The Mix. With Personality! (Since 2005.)

DJ Mo premiered on the radio on Saturday, August 5th, 2005 on WPRK 91.5FM in Winter Park-Orlando, Florida, & has become a well-respected staple to that station ever since.

“A true pro. My honor to teach him.” – Linda Energy, CSB School Of Broadcasting, & former Morning Show Co-Host, WPLJ 95.5FM (New York, NY)

Click here to download & listen to the original “DJ Mo Radio” scoped sampler MP3!
(Approximately 5 minutes)
[Updated 2/27/2022]


Click here to download & listen to “The MOst Outrageous 90s” scoped sampler MP3!
(Approximately 4 minutes)
[Updated 7/23/2021]

Throughout the 15+ years, DJ Mo Radio has offered listeners an innovative blend of mostly, but not limited to, upbeat Rhythmic Variety Hits from the 1980’s to today, non-stop in the mix, with personality, and is an outlet to showcase under-served songs to an audience wanting more from what many radio stations has omitted. A Freeform music intensive one-man show (plus a sexy voice-over lady), the songs within this fully-produced presentation are personally chosen, based on listener requests & trends, & is an unconventional playlist of both mainstream & underground hits from any genre imaginable. DJ Mo Radio is also designed for airplay on any FM radio station format willing to think outside of the box, not afraid to play songs that will make listeners go “Oh, Wow!”, & also adheres to both FCC’s non-commercial & commercial radio station guidelines.

Click here to listen and/or download the 1 minute pro-Mo for WPRK 91.5FM in Winter Park-Orlando, FL.

It seemed just as DJ Mo Radio was reaching new heights in popularity, DJ Mo makes his on-air appearance at other radio stations. At the same time, he managed to keep DJ Mo Radio on the air at its original station, 91.5FM WPRK in Winter Park-Orlando, FL. During the live show in 2019, DJ Mo has received a record number of engagements on the request line, text, voicemail, & social media since his debut in 2005. In 2021, DJ Mo Radio peaked at #4 ranking on the Podomatic Podcast Network, regularly getting almost 300 plays & downloads each week. DJ Mo’s Facebook page is Verified with the blue check mark, & has over 1.1K Likes & Followers, not including what he has on other social media platforms, like Instagram, Twitter, & YouTube. These numbers prove that DJ Mo Radio has already garnered a cult following, both locally on FM, & as an international podcast, & is ready to gain more traction on your FM radio station, should you choose to add it. It is surely a success story that is also available on:

1) iTunes / Apple Podcasts

2) Google Play Music / Podcasts

3) Amazon Music & Audible

4) Deezer


6) Podomatic

7) iHeartMedia

8) Audacy

9) Gaana

DJ Mo Radio is a great show. DJ Mo runs and executes his shows in a both brilliant and professional manner.” – Amanda Roche, WPRK 91.5FM (Winter Park-Orlando, FL)


“We have good feedback from listeners on Sundays. People love the show. Plus, you add personality. Weekends are back on the map. Congratulations!” – Andy Kovacs, WYPW Power 90.1FM (Brandon-Tampa, FL)

Today, DJ Mo Radio can also be heard around the world online up to 6 days a week on at least 5 FM radio station signals. DJ Mo is always looking to add affiliates & sponsors looking for an unconventional presentation that their listeners will love. His show is receiving great feedback from listeners who connect with him on both social media & request line. DJ Mo has been doing this for 15+ years, & will continue to do so passionately as a labor of love.

“DJ Mo has very generously provided us with a one-hour radio show for WRSG and has never failed to give us anything less than an entertaining, fast-paced and FUN experience EVERY Friday night. He provides this program FREE OF CHARGE, which is much appreciated by all of us, as we volunteer time for the station and do not receive any extra compensation. I always look forward to DJ Mo helping to kick off our weekends here at KNIGHTS RADIO, WRSG!” – Greg Goodfellow, WRSG Knights Radio 91.5FM (Middlebourne, WV)


“DJ Mo is a dedicated member of the WPRK team. He is knowledgeable in many music forms, extremely proficient in DJing and is a unique and powerful on-air talent.”
– Christopher Lebrane, WPRK 91.5FM (Winter Park-Orlando, FL)

While everyone loves the variety the original DJ Mo Radio brings, some commercial stations are tightly formatted & unwilling to add this show into their lineup due to the fact. Alas, DJ Mo has listened to corporate radio demands, & is also offering these formats:
1) The original format, “DJ Mo Radio” (New, recurrent, & gold from mostly 1980s-today)
2) “MOst Outrageous 90s” (1990s decade only)

Please email for a pro-Mo package of these offerings.

Target audience: Adults 18-54, but not limited to.

Actual core audience: Adults 25-44

DJ Mo Radio is distributed through online storage via high quality MP3 for easy access, so that radio station programmers can easily schedule their spots, while having full control of local sponsorship opportunities that this spectacular radio show brings to your market. The program is approximately 55-58 uninterrupted minutes, or can be split in 2 segments, which means local spots, sponsorship, & legal ID fill each break for your radio station. DJ Mo can also insert your station ID, legal ID, & sweepers into his show for you to represent your station to the fullest! All this great service & program for FREE? Yes! This is a wish come true to radio stations who want a fully-produced quality show that their listeners make an appointment to hear for a bargain price of FREE-99!

“We want to thank you for your program. We really enjoy running it on the station and it is such a good fit!” Fred Damron, WASP Super Station 104.5FM (Huntington, WV)

DJ Mo Radio is independently produced. If you are interested in sponsoring DJ Mo Radio, or would like to add it to your radio station programming lineup, please contact DJ Mo at any of the following:

Verified Facebook:

Voice message or text: (407) 501-6345

Click HERE for a list of radio stations where DJ Mo Radio can be heard.