DJ Mo is a multi-talented Syndicated Radio Show Producer & Mix DJ who’s been at the helm since his on-air radio debut in August 2005. He is not a one-trick pony. He can perform improv comedy on stage, as well as be a Sound Technician behind the scenes.

DJ Mo grew up in Lehigh Acres, FL. He graduated at University Of Florida in 2004 with a Theatre BA degree, & CSB School Of Broadcasting in 2007.


Currently based at WPRK 91.5 (Winter Park-Orlando FL), DJ Mo has also been on-air at other stations including WYKS Kiss 105.3 (Gainesville-Ocala, FL), WXXL 106.7 (Tavares-Orlando, FL), WLBE 790AM (Leesburg-Eustis, FL), WRSG 91.5 (Middlebourne-Parkersburg, WV), WYPW Power 90.1 (Brandon-Tampa-St. Petersburg, FL), WASP Superstation 104.5 (Huntington-Ashland, WV-KY), WLSL University Radio 92.7 (Saint Leo-Dade City, FL), 1MusicNetwork.com’s Classic 80s Top-40 channel, & WJFP 91.1 (Fort Pierce, FL).

DJ Mo has received “DJ Of The Month” a few times over the years on WPRK 91.5, was a semi-finalist in a competition to become a morning show co-host on WYKS Kiss 105.3, & made a cameo on “Johnny’s House” on WXXL 106.7 as “Dr. No” The Intern.

The Resume & Recommendations of DJ Mo:

Q & A with DJ Mo

How long have you been involved in radio & entertainment?
I’ve been in radio & entertainment for over 15 years.

What inspired you to start your show?
Back in the late-80’s, I was listening to a station called “91.5 The Spark” in Fort Myers. I grew up in Southwest Florida. Everything they did was pretty much freeform non-commercial radio. They got to play & choose what they wanted to play in a very hype manner. It seemed like they had so much fun doing it & I really wanted to do that. But, my parents kind of stopped me from becoming a DJ when I was in grade school. So when I went to college, I learned how to DJ there, because I didn’t have parents to tell me “No”. And everything took off from there.

How were you able to choose a genre for your show?
It’s a lot of the stuff that I personally like. I like a lot of genres & my taste in music people usually agree with. My main focus for old school is from the 1987-1993 era when I was listening to that one radio station that inspired me to become a DJ. My main focus for new music is what the commercial radio stations do NOT put into their heavy rotation. Most of the time, the new music I play on my show ends up being a hit months later! That is why I announce “You heard it here FIRST on DJ Mo Radio!”

How was your first day on the radio?
My first day was on WPRK back in August 2005. Cub brought me in as a Guest DJ to play live on the turntables for a couple of hours. He had his Brownsville radio show from 3-5am Saturday mornings. That sparked my interest even more in radio.

What are some favorite moments you’ve had in radio?
There’s a lot! A lot of the times is when callers let me know how much they love the show. There’s also been a lot of times where people said “There should be a 24/7 of your radio show somewhere. You need your own radio station!” That’s when I really knew this was the right thing.

Do you see yourself having the show for a long time?
Yes, I plan to do this as long as I could. I’ve just started syndicating my radio show in 2015. Hopefully, you will hear me on more & much larger radio stations in the future!

Have you ever participated in any of the events a radio station puts together?
Yes! Of course! I actually started “Club WPRK” a few years ago to raise money for the station. “Club WPRK” was a monthly DJ night at the now defunct “Peacock Room”. I brought in 4-6 WPRK DJ’s to spin live. That was actually the first time we had a remote broadcast at WPRK during Rollins College’s Annual “Fox Fest”!


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